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What is celaware

CELAWARE is a Mobile Expense Management SAAS that reduces your organization's mobile spending by consistently monitoring your airtime in real-time. CELAWARE's auto-reporting creates greater company-wide awareness, allowing for greater ease and implementation of on-going wireless policies.

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How it works

CELAWARE’s integrated real-time data solution allows your administrators to view and report your mobile billing from a 360-degree perspective. This will accurately define the most appropriate and cost effective rates and features that are available to your end users based on their usage, travel patterns, and data consumption, relieving any bill shock at the end of month.

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Explore how CELAWARE's auto-reporting has helped some of our clients reduce their Mobile bills by 40% and control unexpected bill shock and expenses.

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Let CELAWARE software show you where your highest mobile expenses are with real-time reporting and start saving money today.

Who We Are

CELAWARE was designed for Mobile phone users, billing administrators and finance staff who struggle with the on-going reporting and analytics of their organization's growing mobile phone demands. In 2006, businesses began indicating the growing demand for mobile phone usage within their organization, was becoming overwhelming. The resources required to administer the billing alone had become a fulltime job within itself. Through these clients, CELAWARE was developed to address every imaginable aspect of the challenges with your organization's mobile billing.

CELAWARE is a real-time Mobile Expense Management utility that reduces your organization's mobile spend due to voice, data and/or roaming overage.

CELAWARE continually MONITORS your organization's usage and reports ANY overage to your administrators within your organization and ours. Once any overage is identified, CELAWARE will contact your organization to apply the appropriate rates or add-ons; virtually eliminating any degree of bill shock.

CELAWARE manages more than your airtime, it also reduces the dedicated time that your Administrators, Finance and even your end users, traditionally allocate to mobile billing analysis, control and spending.

It's time to Stop managing airtime and bills. It's time to embrace CELAWARE!


Unique features that save your company money


Real-Time Data

CELAWARE is the world’s first Mobile Expense Management software that integrates real-time data reporting into its’ framework. Through this, CELAWARE is able to provide on-going recommendations as to what airtime rates and features best suit your individual calling patterns, lowest costs and maximized usage. Track your data usage in real-time, all the time. Recommendations can be sent to your provider to automatically make the changes, your administrators or to anyone requiring these cost saving propositions.



Mobile carrier's pooled billing is based on a first come, first used basis. CELAWARE reverse engineers voice and data pooled billing to an actual amount used, rather than WHEN that amount was used.

CELAWARE illustrates proportionate and ACTUAL data usage, rather than WHEN that data was used. It accurately allocates costs to the end users, departments or internal financial coding.


Share-ware BYOD

The challenge with traditional BYOD set ups is that the end users can only benefit from retail or "street" rates; effectively, everyone is paying more...for less. With CELAWARE, your organization can essentially still benefit from group discounted mobile rates, yet seamlessly bill any overage or agreed upon amount back to the employee.

Benefit from split or sharing billing options. Allow employees to share in the monthly billing costs, data add-ons, overages or any additional excess usage.

Costs are billed right to the employees credit cards alleviating the sorting of additional Mobile Bills.

Benefits of celaware

CELAWARE releases all administrative and finance resources typically related to managing mobile bills, while consistently demonstrating savings to you and your organization.

Excess, under and no use

CELAWARE instantly determines overuse and underuse in text, voice or data features in real-time.

Determine what handsets are being utilized or not being used at ALL!

Thousands of dollars saved for your organization.

Gps tracking

An integrated real-time GPS platform that is included to allow for tracking of handsets, dispatch messaging and Geofencing.


Determine hardware upgrade eligibility and buy direct with one click from our site.


Have CELAWARE’s real-time data reporting allow you to determine REAL pooled billing as opposed to Frist Come Served Pooled Billing.


Use independently or allow our team to consult with the software to save you money from excess billing.

CELAWARE reclaims time and savings for your administrative team by organizing and separating all Mobile Bills.


Customize your CELAWARE dashboard with Roles, Subscribers, Resellers, Reports and more!

Real-time roaming support

Have our Client Care team and/or your Administrators notified when your users leave the country to ensure they're on the most optimized roaming plan for that particular country!

Control unexpected expenses

Add long distance, roaming or data packages to control unexpected overage charges.


End users can service their handsets with the service provider within the software, reducing administration down time.


Identify all mobile billing anomalies... instantly.

Eliminate all of your organization's bill shock! Organizations are looking for three things in a monthly Mobile bill audit: errors, outliers and opportunities. Errors and discrepancies take the form of over-charges, unused accounts and vacant handsets. Employees who do not use their Mobile handsets are as important as their colleagues who consume thousands of mobile minutes a month as they both cost your organization money. CELAWARE minimizes the number and type of bills your organization has including identifying dead accounts, over and underusage and providing electronic invoices to one platform.

Lock down all mobile expense forecasts

Mobile bills should not be breaking your bank every month. CELAWARE identifies the highest spenders on your account by filtering the most costly Mobile numbers, voice spenders and data spenders. With the detailed report provided, select which Mobile allowance you want to allocate to what employee, growing your savings each month.


Increase awareness

Allow us to write your Mobile Policy with you, for you! Assembling the basic accounting for your organization's Mobile spending is a time-consuming and costly activity. Many organizations find it difficult to scale the cost of managing Mobile because of a lack of consistent policies, distributed purchasing decisions, and multiple bills. CELAWARE provides a detailed cost summary for each subscriber including handsets, overages, call detail, voice detail, data usage and data detail. Instant cost results hold your employees accountable and conscious to their Mobile spending.


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